JAW (BARLEY).(الشعير)


1. In Hadees, Persian & Arabic it is called as Sh’aeer (الشعير).
2. In English it is called as Barley.
3. In Urdu & Hindi it is called as Jaw.
4. In Sanskrit it is called as Bawa.
5. In Latin it’s called as Hordeum vulgare.
6. Sattu in Hadees & Arabic is called as Saweeq. (Sattu is roasted flour of Barley the details are given further in this lesson.)
It is a member of grass family & cereal grain. It is a self pollinated, diploid species with 14 chromosomes


Nabi ﷺ used jaw (الشعير) (barley) as:-

chapatti (roti), Daliya (gravy), Sattu (Saweeq), Talbinah (التلبينه).

Barely (Jaw) & (Tamar) dates: –

1. Hazrat Yusuf Bin Abdullah Bin Salam رضي الله عنه saw Nabiﷺ having a piece barley bread (خبر الشعير) & kept Tamar (date) on it & said that the dates (تمر) are equivalent to its gravy (condiment).
[Abu Dawud: 3830; Book 28; Eng Book 27; Hadees. 3821]

Barely breads (خبر الشعير): –

2. Narrated by Ibn Abbas رضي الله عنه that Nabiﷺ used to spend many nights in a row hungry and his family could find no supper, and usually their bread was barley bread.”
[Ibn Ma-jah: 3472; Book. 29; Eng vol. 4; Book. 29, Hadees. 3347]

After Friday Salah, a special dish: -

3. Hazrat Sahal Bin Saad رضي الله عنه says that, we used to be happy on Fridays, for there was an old lady who used to pull out the roots of beetroot (Silq) and put it in a cooking pot with some barley (الشعير). When we use to finish the (Friday) prayer, we would visit her and she would present that dish before us. So we used to be happy on Fridays because of that, and we never used to take our meals or have a mid-day nap except after the Friday prayer. By Allah, that meal contained no fat.
[Bukhari: 5403; Book. 70; Eng vol. 7; Book. 65; Hadees. 315]

Barley (Jaw) broth & its merits: –

4. Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها says that, when ever anybody use to fell ill, in Rasoolullahﷺ‘s family, Rasoolullahﷺ use to advice to eat Barley broth (الشعير فضع) (Harisa or Daliya) & use to say it removes the sorry/ grief from the heart of the patient & removes weakness, as anyone washes the face with water & water clears the dirt present on face.
[Tirmizi: 2173; Book. 28; Eng vol. 4; Book. 2, Hadees. 2039]􀀃

5. Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها says that Nabiﷺ said “You should eat the beneficial thing that is unpleasant to eat: Talbinah, (التلبينه) meaning broth. If any family member of Nabiﷺ fall sick, the cooking pot would remain on the fire until one of two things happened, either the person recovered or died.

Talbinah & its merits: –

6.  Narrated Hisham’s father that Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها use to advice Talbinah (التلبينه) for patient mostly & use to say if the patient dislikes it, then also give him because it is very beneficial (النافع).
[Bukhari: 5690; Book. 76; Eng vol. 7; Book. 71; Hadees. 594]
7. Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها says that whenever in our family anyone passed away (die), people use to come to meet specially ladies, When all the people use to go away, expect close family members than Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها use to ask to cook Talbinah (التلبينه), than ask to cook Sareed (ثريد) than she رضي الله عنها use to ask to put Talbinah (التلبينه) in Sareed (ثريد) vessel & ask to eat & she use to say that she heard Nabiﷺ saying that Talbinah (التلبينه) brings comfort to the sick (المريض) & lessens grief.
[Muslim: 2216; Book. 39; Eng Book. 26; Hadees. 5491]􀀃

A guest: –

8. Hazrat Abu Barda رضي الله عنه says that when I reached Madinah, I met Hazrat Abdullah Bin Salam رضي الله عنه , and he invited me as a guest & said to Hazrat Barda رضي الله عنه that I will give you meal in the vessel from which Nabiﷺ drank & also guide you to offer Salah (Namaz) in the masjid in which Nabiﷺ offered Salah (Namaz). I accompanied him & he made me drink Sawiq (jaw sattu) (roasted barley flour) & gave me dates, & then I prayed in Nabi ﷺ’s masjid.
[Bukhari 7342; Book 96; Eng vol. 9; Book. 92; Hadees. 441]􀀃

Gastrointestinal effects: Germinated Barley Foodstuff (GBF) is derived from the aleurone and scutellum fractions of germinated barley. GBF appears to induce proliferation of intestinal epithelial cells and facilitate defecation through bacterial production of short chain fatty acids, especially butyrate. GBF is believed to facilitate epithelial repair and suppress epithelial NFkB-DNA binding activity through butyrate (by the micro flora bifid bacterium and eubacterium). GBF has been associated with increased growth of these micro floras in the intestinal tract & varying amounts of total tocopherols and tocotrienols (49.9-67.6mg/kg) and vitamin E content (vitamin E equivalent; 15.7-20.1mg/kg). Barley products composed of different amylose-amylopectin ratios (7-44% amylose) have been reported to lower metabolic responses


Barley bread (chapatti) & its flour was the mostly eaten food of Nabiﷺ & His Family. Barley broth (daliya), Talbinah, barley flour water (jaw Sattu sharbat), its flour is best for health. It strengthens & soothes the heart, cleans digestive sytem, removes weakness & etc. Prescribe to your patients to eat it again & again even if the patient dislikes it. Everyone can use it, fast can be opened by its Sattu water (barley flour water). This lesson has 15 Hadees.

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