Herbal Stomach Pain Powder



Paigham-e-Shifa is a herbal stomach pain powder mixed up of Elaichi Khord, Posth-e-turanj, Gul-e-turanj, Jawakhar, and many other herbs listed below. It is light and digestible and is good for people suffering from stomach and liver problems. The product is available in small 5 miligram quantity in a fancy plastic container which is very much pocket friendly. It is created by using herbal products which are natural and free from any kind of side effects. The herbs in the product can even offer relieving in toothaches. People suffering from stress can prevent headache by smelling just a pinch of the herbal stomach pain powder.



Paigham-e-Shifa is a powder of ingredients listed below.It is available in 5 mg small plastic box which can easily be put in pocket. It Strengthens Stomach and liver. Natural & free from side effects.

Indication & Usage

  • Strengthens Stomach.
  • Strengthens Liver.
  • Relieve from Toothache.
  • Smelling a pinch can relieve Headache.


  • Elaichi Khord: Elettaria Cardamomum -5%
  •  Posth-e-turanj: 10%
  •  Gul-e-turanj: 10%
  •  Jawakhar: Potassium Carbonate – 10%
  •  Gul-e-surkh: Gul-e-surkh –  10%
  •  Filfil Daraz: Piper Longum Linn –  10%
  •  Badiyan: Illicium Verum – 10%
  •  Pudina Khushk: Mentha Arvensis-    10%
  •  Tabsheer kabood: Bambusa_arundinacea -10%
  •   Mastag:Anacardiaceae – 10%
  •    Namak-Siyah:10%

Dosage: One pinch whenever necassary

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