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Barley Sattu is the mixture of selected natural herbs that are created to control blood pressure, diabetes, weakness, obesity, stomach pains, menstruation, kidney problems and many other diseases. It is a light and digestible herb that stretches out thirst and makes the body cool in summer. It offers instant energy and is good for hyperactive professionals. Barley Sattu is ideal for persons suffering from urinary tract infection, hyperacidity, heat strokes, headaches and skin disorders. For weight conspicuous, it helps putting off weight when combined with honey. It is a good source of natural fiber and carbohydrates. It is good from sensitive people as it is free from artificial colors and chemicals.



Barley Sattu is an excellent blend of all Natural, Pure & Special herbs selected for their unique abilities to Control Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Weakness, Urine Problem, Stomach Pains, Menses and many more.

Barley Sattu is very light and easily digestible. It quenches thirst, cools the body, and gives instant energy, especially in the summer. It is good for hyperacidity, urinary tract infection, skin disorders, and heat-induced headache. It also helps reduce weight, if taken with honey. It is the most running and traditional drink in summers. Barley Sattu is a great powder with a good source of natural fiber and carbohydrates. It refreshes the brain and contains neither artificial color nor any type of chemicals. It can be consumed by whole family members as there is no Age Limit. It is made of Roasted Barley (Jaw) which gives Power, Energy and is easy to digest.

Regular use of Barley Sattu will Increase and Boost energy, reduce Weakness, Stress and bring a feeling of well-being. After experiencing the subtle, positive effects of Barley Sattu, you will naturally be encouraged to continue this ritual and reap the benefits.

After using Barley Sattu, above mentioned problems will be cured for sure. It is 100% Natural & Pure and is free from side effects.


  • Reduces General Debility.
  • It acts as Antacid and Diuretic.
  • Works as the best Food Substitute.
  • Gives Strength to Body Nourishment.
  • Gives Full Protein and Fiber to Body.
  • Stops Obesity and Fatness in Body.
  • Removes Weakness from Body; Sadness from Heart & Uneasiness from Brain.
  • Acts as Medicine as well as Good Food for High Blood Pressure Patient’s.
  • Increases Hunger & Gives Power in Manly Hood.
  • Helps in removing Ulcer Disease (Stomach Ulcers).
  • Relieves from Stomach Pains & also helps in removing common Body Pains.
  • Helps in purifying Blood and Boosts Energy & Immunity.
  • No Age Limit, Everyone can Consume Barley Sattu.
  • Especially very effective for ladies problem Menses (Stops flow of blood) and brings back to Normal Condition.
  • Relieves from Digestive Problems.
  • At the time of examinations, if taken will keep freshness in Mind and Heart.
  • Diabetic Patients can take as it is safe and works as Antidote.
  • Keeps Healthy & Energetic.
  • Prepared from Pure, Natural & Special Herbs with no side effects.


  • Barley – Hordeum Vulgare
  • Chana/Chickpeas – Cicer Arietinum
  • Soya – Glycine Max
  • Fennel – Foeniculum Vulgare


For Diabetic patients, Pour 200 ml water in a glass and add four teaspoons of Barley Sattu with a pinch of Salt or Zeera Powder & mix well before drink. Daily drink before breakfast.

For BP (Blood Pressure) patients, Pour 200 ml water in a glass and add four teaspoons of Barley Sattu with a spoon of Sugar or Honey & mix well before drink. Daily drink before breakfast.        For Children, Add four teaspoons of Barley Sattu in 200 ml of Milk or Roohafza with a spoon of Sugar or Honey & mix well before drink. Daily drink after meals. It can also be mixed with water and prepared like Cerelac and services to children at Breakfast…


  • Keep it in cool place. Store at room temperature.
  • Protect from heat, light and moisture.
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1 review for Barley Sattu

  1. Jamal

    Very healthy drink. I drink it everyday morning and i be active.

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